Fundus Photo of Lasik detached Retina

This is a photo of the back of the right eye (the fundus) of a patient that underwent LASIK surgery 7 years ago. The yellow-white area that you see in the left portion of this photo is a retinal detachment. This patient came into our office last week with virtually no vision in this eye. She was promptly referred to a retinal specialist who performed surgery on this eye 5 hours later. Hopefully she will regain most of her vision back.

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EyePrint Pro

EyePrintPro technology creates a scleral lens based on a mold of the cornea. The molding is accurate to 1 or 2 microns and fits perfectly because it exactly mirrors the irregularities of the individual corneal surface. The technology is well suited for post-Lasik, Keratoconus, RK, eye injury, and corneal transplant patients. Read More in this PDF about EyePrintPro Scleral Lens Technology

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